The One Thing I Must Do…


To be honest, there are a lot of things that I feel I must (or should or want) to do in my life time. Starting a family, getting more involved in the romance community (maybe even writing a book one day), growing my career (maybe pursuing that Ph.D. I was suppose to start)….but the one thing that I feel so passionate about that I simply MUST do…is live abroad.

Specifically, live abroad in Europe. Even more specifically, live abroad in England (I can’t decide between the country side or the city…although Bath holds a special place in my heart).

One of my favorite romance authors, Eloisa James, is currently living in London. Every time she posts a picture of the city I feel my heart quicken and my eyes grow wide, and I imagine myself wandering down quaint streets, visiting regency-era hot spots, and popping into the pub for a bite to eat. It all sounds so amazing.

Vacationing or visiting a place is obviously completely different than living there. But there are certain places that just have the extra hint of magic, whether your a tourist or a long time resident. I felt that way about, what I consider my home town, Boston. Going to school in one of the most historical cities in the U.S. and staying there to work and play in my early 20’s is one of the best decisions I ever made. Yes, living in a city can be expensive and you forgo certain luxuries (such a dish washer or a washer/dryer or a car) but there is something about waking up with buzz all around you. Stepping outside your front door to greet the world (although snowy and rainy mornings could perhaps make your greeting a little less cheery). Feeling like your part of something bigger even if you never actually remove your earbuds and talk to another person. It’s just magic.

I always say I’m not an outside kind of gal. I hate bugs, don’t enjoy sleeping on the ground, and prefer a modern man-made bathroom. It’s just how a I roll. However, living in a city makes you enjoy the great outdoors in different ways. Going to the Boston Commons or Public Gardens was a trip – something special – to enjoy sitting in the soft grass, soaking up the warm rays of sunshine, and, of course, people watching. I remember I would some times spend my Saturdays with no plan in mind but simply walking across the city. Literally – I would start on one side of the city and walk to the opposite end and enjoy the people, the hustle, the many shops and scenes. In Boston, I was definitely an outdoor kind of girl.

I feel like living abroad would bring back that excitement, especially as London and other areas in Europe have great public transportation and are easily accessible via walking (granted the English county side may prove me wrong on that one). But every time I think about living abroad or I see others doing it – I realize that’s it one of the ultimate life goals I have to make happen. And I know I will. Be it now, ten years from now, or deciding to retire and enjoy European adventures then. It will happen.

For now, I’ll just drink my Earl Grey tea and dream some more.



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