Heading to Washington, D.C.

What's Love Conference at the Library of Congress

Hello, readers! Happy 2015!

After a long recovery from the flu and few other ailments (not the way I planned on ringing in the New Year…) I’m back! And with exciting news! As some of you may recall, I’ve been following the Popular Romance Project’s “Love Between the Covers” documentary for years now. Years. And I’m am wiggling in my seat with anticipation because I am FINALLY going to view it when I attend the What Is Love? Romance Fiction in the Digital Age Popular Romance Project Conference at the Library of Congress.

Umm, how cool is that? 

The Popular Romance Project, along with several sponsors spanning the publishing, academic, and author worlds, are coming together for a one-day conference in D.C. where we’ll view the film, learn more about romance in the digital age, and share our passion for the genre and all that it encompasses.

It’s going to be amazing! Oh, and did I mention that the conference is FREE. Yes, free. There are limited spots available, so be sure to sign up via Evitebrite to reserve your spot and hang out with me! 😉


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