Favorite Places: Jane Austen Centre, Bath UK

Perhaps we have a new little series on our hand? While I love reading novels and imaging the characters and the setting, sometimes it’s fun to have accompanying visuals. I have looked at author’s Pinterest boards to see where they drew on inspiration quite a few times – mostly for clothing and setting (I prefer to imagine my own heroes). Honestly, I think one of the reasons why I love historical romances so much is because of the research and accuracy in them. Authors spend so many hours researching every detail of their book – I’ve seen authors post about researching a family ring that would be been similar to one in the 1800s or even dogs popular in that time period as a pet for their heroine.

Thank goodness for the InterWebs so that I could look something up quickly and easily to help bring these romance worlds to life. However, there is something even better than looking compiling digital resources to paint the picture – and that’s actually VISITING places that have historical meaning or represent that time period.

One of my favorite places to visit is the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, UK. They have a fabulous tour that shows the clothing, home furnishing, and customs of the time period. They even have an area where you can try on different hats and gloves of the time. It’s really fun!

Additionally, I really love their gift shop. Even if you aren’t a huge Jane Austen fan (see: Austenland), there are still really great gifts and souvenirs. For example, I bought a wax stick and a initial wax stamp that can be used to seal envelopes or letters or as a decorative element on stationary, wrapping, and other paper gifts. I’ve used it quite a bit, although I got married shortly after purchasing my stamp, so I’ll have to get another when I visit Bath again this spring.



AND, I’ve saved the best for last. The Jane Austen Centre also offers a truly fabulous afternoon tea. During my last trip, it was the first tea of the trip and I was so glad we had stopped there! They have the most amazing cranberry and brie sandwich (that I have been trying to replicate for the last three years without any luck) and it’s a really relaxed and fun environment.

There are lots of wonderful historical places in Bath and all over the world. What are some of YOUR favorites?


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