Home Decor Regency Style


Thought I’d share a fun resource I recently stumbled upon. If you’ve read any of my earlier blog posts, you’ll know I’m a bit of a home decor fanatic. After recently purchasing our first home, I’ve been having a blast scouring shops and online for the perfect pieces.

What was fun to discover, is that ladies of the Regency Era did the same thing via templates in Ackermann’s Repository of the Arts, an illustrated, British periodical of the time. The publication includes stories on current events, helpful tips, and was well-known for its studies and templates of women’s fashion and home furnishing. Looking through these templates really helps set the scene for how many houses probably looked in some of our favorite historical novels. I mean have you see the drapes? All kinds of elaborate and luxurious fabrics and hangings. It makes me yearn for a time period I have never lived in, but so enjoy learning about. Learn more about Ackermann’s and see some of the beautiful furnishings and home fashion of the day!


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