Nora Roberts Coming to a Small Screen Near You

Cousin O'Dwyer Trilogy

Have you heard the news?! One of my favorite authors, Nora Roberts (isn’t she everyone’s favorite? The woman is an icon.), has had her latest trilogy opted for a small screen series. Whether it’s a mini series, a TV show, or something else – we don’t have all the details yet. But, it’s so exciting! I remember when Nora’s lifetime movies came out a few years ago…although they could never compete with the books (when can movies or TV EVER compare with books?) I still really enjoyed them. There’s something about having a visual to set the scene and bring some of your favorite love stories to life.

Anyway, Omnifilms has secured the rights to the Cousin O’Dwyer Trilogy. Think smooth Irish brogues, magic, and a united purpose for good to triumph evil. Seriously, I can’t wait.

As much as I love reading my romance novels, I also love to see authors have their work expanded into other mediums. It’s just another way to enjoy the story and create a new experience, and as a reader, I really love that I can extend my relationship with that story even longer and into another channel. I don’t have to quite say good-bye forever, right?

The romance writing industry has undergone some great shifts since it’s inception. From the type of stories told, to the characters brought to life, to exploring different gender, sexuality, social, and universe cultures – there is so much to adore about this genre. So, join in me congratulating, Nora, and here’s to hoping everything moves quickly so we can enjoy these fantastic books again soon!


3 thoughts on “Nora Roberts Coming to a Small Screen Near You

  1. Nora is not someone I have ever indulged in reading, however, she thrills and excites my mother into reading all the time. Though I have never experienced her work directly, the effect of it led my mother to constantly read to my brother and I when we were kids. For the gift of imagination and inspiration my mother received, I will always be grateful to Nora. I’ll have to ask my mom if she has read these!

    • That’s awesome! Nora has been a favorite author for a long time, so these come highly recommended. Great to see that your mom was able to pass down her love of reading. 🙂

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