A Romance Digest? Don’t Mind If I Do…

Romance Digest - News that Sizzles

Hi folks! I have some really exciting changes happening here, and elsewhere on the Interwebs, over the next few weeks and can’t wait to share everything with you. One thing I can share is that I’ll be starting a new monthly email news letter called Romance Digest – News That Sizzles. (Catchy, right?)

This monthly newsletter will shoot the latest and greatest in romance news and information curation right to your inbox. Lots of times I come across some pretty spectacular stuff, but don’t always have time to write about it. This monthly digest will fill you in on what is going on in the romance genre from both a writing, academic, and fan perspective. I promise, it’s worth signing up for.

Of course, I will never sell your email address or spam you – I want to be friends, really.

So without further adieu, here is the link to sign up. The first Romance Digest will go out in mid-February – right in time for Valentine’s Day. Hooray!


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