Why the Romance Series is SO Addicting

I came across this great Romance University article a while back and have been meaning to share it! As many of you know, I am a big fan of the romance series. Be it historical, contemporary, suspense – if it’s a series I’ll dig in. In fact, I don’t think I read any authors who don’t write series with the exception of Nora Roberts who writes one-off contemporaries still. However, almost all of my favorite authors continue their story and characters through out several books. I.love.it.

This RU article looks at why series are so addicting and why both authors and readers crave them. Some of the reasons include attachment, familiarity, and investment. All of which I agree with. I’ve written time and again that it’s hard to let go of characters, places, and stories once that final page has been turned. As readers, we feel like family. We can imagine ourselves at the family reunions and gathering, falling in love with the heroes/heroines, and finding our very own happily ever after.

Looking for some fantastic series that continue to live on? Here you go!

Stephanie Laurens

I fell in love with the Cynster clan a very long time ago. While several of Stephanie’s books have linked back or featured guest appearances by Cynster family members and their off spring, she just released The Tempting of Thomas Carrick, the first in the Cynster: Next Generation series. I owe you all a review, but the story brings back some of our favorites while introducing the youngest members of the family and their quest for love.

Stephanie Laurens - Th Cynsters


Julia Quinn

I was introduced to Julia Quinn through her Bridgerton series while I was still in college. They’re funny, heart-warming, and downright entertaining. They include all the best that Julia offers and they are still one of my favorite families. And good news! Julia recently teased in an interview that her next book will bring the Bridgertons back into the spotlight. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with and who we will be falling in love with.


Bella Andre

When I came across The Sullivan Series by Bella Andre my heart stopped in pure glee. Not only are there so many books in this series (we started with an original family of eight siblings and have now branched into Sullivan cousins in Seattle) but books are still coming as we speak. Bella’s next release is in April and there are still so many siblings and cousins to write about…I’ve even heard rumors of Sullivan’s in Maine and New York. While this series technically spans several families, readers still get to visit with some of our original favorites and there is nothing quite like a Sullivan Family reunion!

Bella Andre - Sullivans

What are some of your favorite romance series or families?


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