Showing the Love for Romance Novels

Image: Flickr user Stephen Coles

Image: Flickr user Stephen Coles

Romance-reader friends, take heart! Another wonderful article about the romance novel genre, authors, and fans was recently published in the Smithsonian Magazine. Hooray!

This article specifically highlights the academic study of romance and the need to understand its impact on culture and society. While several romance courses exist for those who want to write, including an online program at McDaniel College, there is still a shortage of classes and study around those who want to research, investigate, analyze, and grow the study of the romance novel genre.

And although the dream of a full-fledge graduate program centering on the study of romantic works is still far off, the need and passion around this course of study remains strong. (If there ever was a graduate program focused on the study of romance novels you can bet I would be signing up in a hot second.)

For those interested in the academic study of romantic novels, check out the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance Facebook Group. I’m a member and come across all kinds of interesting articles and studies. I even read the academic journal which is full of rich resources and insights.

And of course – don’t forget to read the amazing article in the Smithsonian Magazine!


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