Fashion Friday: The London Season

1812 Ballroom Gown Template from Ackermann's

1812 Ballroom Gown Template from Ackermann’s

The Ton. The Season. The Fashion.

I love a romance novel that takes place during the height of the London Season (typically January – June) as it’s filled with tons of social activities from balls to the theater to garden parties. It sounds like a whirlwind of fun of and magic…and of course, fashion.

Many regency ladies of the upper crust would spend a fortune on gowns, hats, gloves, and the like all in preparation of the London Season. Sometimes they would only wear the dresses once or twice before being discarded for new designs and fabrics. Below is how the dress pictured above is described:

Ball Dress: a round Circassian robe of pink carpe , or gossamer net, over a white satin slip, fringed full at the feet; a peasant’s bodice of pink satin or velvet, laced in front with silver, and decorated with the same ornament. Spanish slash sleeve, embellished with white crape foldings, and finished at its terminations with bands of silver. A Spartan or Calypso helmet cap of pink frosted crape, with silver bandeaus, and embellished with tassels, and rosets to correspond. A rich neck-chain and ear-rings of Oriental gold. Fan of carved ivory. Slippers of pink kid, with correspondent clasps; and gloves of white kid: an occasional square veil of Mechlin lace.

Even the description sound luxurious! I think the only thing I would change is the hat. I imagine a ballroom without modern AC and packed wall-to-wall with people would not welcome an added layer. Enjoy!


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