Romance Novel Covers: An art and a science

Image: RT Bookreviews

Image: RT Bookreviews

I just stumbled upon two awesome articles from Publisher’s Weekly on the topic of romance covers, plus an article shared by Katherine Ashe that appeared in Women’s Health Magazine.

For those interested in the branding and marketing that goes into the design and selection of a romance novel cover, Anatomy of a Cover: Romance Novels 2015-2016 is a great read. It covers several different romance publishers as well as their process as to how they arrive at the strategy and final decision for covers…ultimately, what will sell as well as make the author happy. They also touch a bit on author personal branding, which I found incredibly interesting.

Body of Work: Romance Novels 2015-2016, another Publisher’s Weekly article, looks closer at the actual process of the cover artwork – from casting requirements to model chemistry to what to expect at the photo shoot. They talk with romance cover photographers and I thought the story about how one of the male models landed the gig (it involves nuzzling) was absolutely adorable and captures the essence of why we all love romance.

Katherine Ashe also posted a photo to her Facebook page after being interviewed by Women’s Health Magazine on the importance as well as the recent changes of the romance novel cover.

And since we’re covering all things romance covers, RT Bookreviews just posted a cover breakdown of Lisa Kleypas’s Marrying Winterbourne, her next book. I can’t even begin to describe how much I am looking forward to this book…I think it promises to be better than the previous book in the series. Fingers crossed!

No matter how you approach romance covers – it’s clear that a lot goes into creating a memorable masterpiece that captures the heart of the love story and the loins of the reader. Have a favorite romance novel cover? Share in the comments below and tell me why!



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