Fashion Friday: Drawing Room Seating

1828-03 Seating-Ackermann

I love Two Nerdy History Girls! Their blog is always full of rich information and great research. They featured a post a few weeks ago about drawing room seating in 1828. I think we can all agree that so many important (and sexy) scenes take place in drawing rooms, especially in historical or regency-era novels. I thought this great photo from Ackermann’s really helped showcase the different types of seating as well as the thought and detail that goes into each piece.

Personally, the top one is my favorite with the lion head posts, although I could see a maiden attempting to escape having to sit too close to her hero taking up the middle seat pictured, which typically is suppose to seat one person. Of course, that’s no match for a determined hero, but I’ll leave that bit of imagination up to fellow readers and authors. 🙂

You can also enjoy a previous post on Ackermann’s (the history and some additional designs) here.